Flood & Water Damage Restorations, Newcastle

“Our prime goal is to minimise damage as much as possible and bring your home or office as close to its original condition as soon as possible”.

Natural disasters can occur at any time, and no one knows how hard they will hit. Water can be so calm and peaceful and potentially aggressive as well. If a flood hits, homes will be damaged to their maximum level. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to take immediate action before it’s too late.

If you are facing any trouble with a flood in your home, you should contact and expert for flood or water damage restoration services as soon as possible. At Carpet Diem, we offer emergency water damage restoration services at any time. Our experts are highly trained through IICRC industry standards as well as Australian Cleaning & Restoration Academy (ACRA) and experienced to handle everything from flood damage to heavy water damage in domestic and commercial spaces.

You can rely on us if you require flood or water damage restoration services.

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Our Process For Restoring Your Home Or Business Space After Flood And Water Damage

We are available to our customers 24/7. Soon after we receive a call from you, without any delay, we come to the spot and start water damage restoration services. Water or flood damage falls under emergency service, so we respond in no time.


Step 1

Once we got a call, we sent one of our restoration experts to the site to inspect and evaluate the damage. They will explain the damage severity and explain to you the estimated price and time to restore the situation. Once approved, we start our flood damage restoration service.

Step 2

We extract all the excess water from your home. We employ highly effective drying machines to dry out the walls, floors, carpets, furniture, and all other belongings that have been damaged by the flooding. This drying process will take between 10 - 48 hours to achieve desirable results.

Step 3

After the drying process is completed, we will leave the spot and come back after 48 hours to re-assess whether the walls, floors, and carpet have dried fully or not.

We have a good success rate in flood damage restoration and have received positive feedback for our immediate response and service from our beloved customers.

Why should you choose Carpet Diem for flood restoration services?

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Can I do water damage restoration myself?

In any situation, don’t attempt flood damage restoration on your own. Our advice is to put towels down to soak up as much water as possible while you are waiting for our expert to arrive. Flood damage restoration demands skilled technicians to restore everything that has been damaged. Water/flood damage restoration is tricky and risky to do and trying to correct yourself could result in costly damage to your property.

Flood And Water Damage Restoration Services Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

Carpet Diem offers emergency flood/water damage restoration services to our Newcastle and Lake Macquarie customers. Don’t put your life and your family’s life at risk by handling flood damage restoration alone. Call us before it’s too late. We are always here to respond, help, and get you out of a dramatic situation. Call us to get instant relief from flood damage.