Carpet Diem’s Mattress Cleaning and Sanitising Services

Looking for a service that offers mattress cleaning and sanitising in Newcastle?

Is your mattress losing its fresh look? If you want to restore the beauty of your mattress, then there is no better option than having your mattress cleaned and sanitised. 

Generally, mattresses are made up of durable materials; in fact, they last longer, but it doesn’t mean the mattress doesn’t need cleaning services. Even though they are durable, improperly maintained mattresses can deteriorate fast. Keeping your mattress clean is not just for comfort but also for good health.

We at Carpet Diem, offer professional mattress cleaning and sanitising services that ensure your mattress looks and smells fresh. We have specially trained professionals who clean your mattresses without damaging their original beauty by getting rid of sweat marks, urine stains, and general spills. If you are looking for a service that offers mattress cleaning and sanitising in Newcastle, then look no further than Carpet Diem.


The Importance Of A Clean And Sanitised Mattress

The mattress is known for its comfort, flexibility, support, stressbuster, and ability to make you fall asleep like a baby. As humans, we spend a third of our lives asleep. This simple sentence shows how important a mattress is in one’s life. Here we are compiling some of the points that show the importance of mattress cleaning and sanitising.


How often should I clean the mattress?

Our expert mattress cleaning and sanitising team believe that mattress cleaning should be completed once every six months to maintain a healthy sleeping environment. However, this completely depends on the type of mattress you have. Talk to our expert team to discuss your unique mattress cleaning requirements.

Mattress Cleaning And Sanitising Newcastle

Carpet Diem offers professional mattress cleaning and sanitising in Newcastle. We have many years of experience in cleaning mattresses and pride ourselves on the results we deliver. We also sanitise and deodorise the mattress to get a fresh smell and look. To have your mattress cleaned and sanitised for a more comfortable nights sleep, talk to the team at Carpet Diem today!