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“Has mould made its way into your home? Show it a way out with Carpet Diem!”

Mould is the most naturally occurring thing in our environment, persistently regrowing, and eating up or breaking down everything in its way. Water leakage or flooding that has not been restored within 72 hours will create a heavenly atmosphere for mould to grow. However, you should not ignore or enable mould to grow within your home’s four walls and damage your structure.

At Carpet Diem, we have been offering all types of cleaning services for many years and specialise in mould remediation in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. Unlike other mould removal services, our cleaning experts find out the exact cause of continuous mould regrowth and come up with the perfect solution that stops mould growth permanently. Unfortunately, if you are facing issues with mould growth in your office or home premises, then you should consult our mould remediation services sooner rather than later.

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Our Mould Remediation Process

Mould growth is persistent, and it won’t stop regrowth and damaging things in its way unless you call for assistance from a professional mould remediation service provider. There are a lot of steps involved in cleaning up the mould in your home and at Carpet Diem, we follow a comprehensive process to reduce the risk of reoccurrence.


Find The Root Cause Of The Issue

Mould remediation starts with discovering the root cause of the occurrence. In most cases, water or moisture is the main agent for mould growth. Our mould remediation team will search for the water leakage problem and immediately block it to stop further water leakage and damage.


Soon after we find out the source of the water leakage, we isolated the affected areas of the home. We close the windows and doors and cover them with plastic covers to protect them.

Set Aside Any Damaged Items

Depending upon the severity of the mould, any wet or mould-contaminated things such as drywall insulation, carpets, and other things will be removed from your home to stop further damage and spread.



Mould remediation experts will spray the affected areas with the best mould remediation product in the market. Non-porous surfaces will be vacuumed and scrubbed to eliminate spores. Once the cleaning procedure is complete, the area will be completely free from mould.


All freshly cleaned areas will undergo a drying process. We use HPA filtration devices to filter the air removing mould spores down to 0.3 microns with 99.97% efficiency. We also employ our industrial air movers to speed up the drying of wet walls.

Why should you choose Carpet Diem for mould remediation services?

We have been in the cleaning industry for several years and are committed to providing a quality mould remediation service for our clients in Newcastle.


Mould Remediation Newcastle And Lake Macquarie

Carpet Diem is a leading cleaning company that offers mould remediation in Newcastle. We have been offering top-class mould remediation services since we started our service. If you are looking for the best cleaning company that offers mould remediation in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, we could be the best choice for you. Feel free to contact us for more information.